The New Limelight in Chelsea

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The Limelight Marketplace

The Limelight, a former Episcopal church and, not so obvious, former nightclub located on the corner of West 20th Street and Avenue of the Americas has been through many unusual transformations. As a nightclub, owned by Peter Gatien from 1983-2003, this establishment was largely known for Goth “raves,” recreational drug use and numerous notable performers: 50 Cent, Guns N’ Roses, and Marilyn (Manson), to name a few. When its nightclub career finally ended in 2007, I’ve often passed by and wondered what this once highly publicized and controversial nightclub would become next. Not too long ago, I found the answer. In May 2010, the Limelight re-opened, but this time, into a unique three-story marketplace housing more than 60 small, high-end, retail shops as well as a few restaurants such as Grimaldi's Pizzeria and Todd English. Last month, the Limelight announced it would be adding an IHOP restaurant that would occupy the 1st and 2nd floors as well as some outdoor space. While the physical nature of the building is not characteristic of what we're accustomed to seeing for an IHOP, it's expected to be a great success and anchor for the current retail tenants. The Limelight Marketplace is extremely unique, filled with a lot of history - good and bad - and a fascinating place to visit. With the addition of an IHOP on its way, I can't think a thing that would keep you away! Please leave us your thoughts when you do…    

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