Selling with FARE


Selling your property can be a daunting experience. Few transactions in life are more personal or potentially complex. We understand this, and many FARE agents have been on one or both sides of the transaction in their own lives. By working with The FARE Group you’ll avoid the pitfalls, understand the process as it is happening, and therefore be free to focus on your future.

The FARE Group works in two distinctive capacities:  before signing the contract we act as your fiduciary in procuring a qualified buyer and after the contract signing as your transaction manager, ensuring a smooth progression through to closing.

EXPERTISE: The FARE Group is well versed on various types of real estate transactions and brings deep knowledge and expertise to all of our projects. We exemplify excellence in our willingness to continue expanding our knowledge and skills in an ever-changing market, so that we may provide you with the best representation at all times.

MARKETING: Every FARE exclusive is supported by professional photography, floor plans, direct mailings, e-blasts, open houses, and co-brokerage with the brokerage community. We also disseminate our listings to numerous third-party real estate websites including Realtor, Streeteasy, Trulia and Zillow. Please refer to “How We Market” to learn more.

TECHNOLOGY: Because FARE agents are equipped with the latest in smart phones, tablets, net books and laptops, they have access to our company’s website, database and document templates at all times. This means your agent has immediate access to countless resources and market insights – all of which will be put to work for you.

SIZE: Every FARE agent works one-on-one with our principal broker and receives hands-on support, supervision and continuous in-house training. Our size and dedication to personal service ensures each listing will get the attention it requires to sell at the highest price possible in the shortest possible amount of time.

OBJECTIVITY: Selling a property can be an emotional process. For most people, a home is the biggest sale one will make. Having a concerned but objective FARE agent on your side helps you to stay focused on the issues that are most important to you.

CODE OF ETHICS: The FARE Group upholds a strict Code of Ethics, based on professionalism and protection of the public. As a client of The FARE Group you can expect honest and ethical treatment in all related matters.



Price Your Property The FARE Group utilizes its extensive experience in providing property valuations to prospective sellers, investors, lenders and asset managers, coupled with its extensive data base of listings to calculate your property’s maximum value.

Pricing your property properly is a task that should not be taken lightly. By using a combination of data, instinct and good counsel, we will assist you in arriving at a price point that will keep your property fresh while continuing to stimulate the highest number of prospective buyers and competitive offers.

Promote Your Property The FARE Group stays on top of a variety of marketing technologies that benefit our clients. In addition to providing tips on staging and showcasing your property for sale, we provide extensive web coverage of our listings through our website as well as through numerous third-party real estate websites and our co-brokerage community.

Qualify Prospective Buyers A successful transaction is based upon a buyer’s ability to qualify for financing and/or gain admittance into your building. We critically review all financial credentials before a recommendation to proceed is endorsed by our firm.

Negotiate Contract Terms FARE agents are experienced and specifically trained on key elements to successfully negotiate various terms of the deal such as sales price, down payment, financing conditions, closing date, inclusions and exclusions. When necessary, we may offer protected language for inclusion in the contract of sale.

In addition we provide you with an estimated timeline of events from the date an offer is accepted through to the date of closing.

Manage the Contract of Sale Process While it is your attorney’s responsibility to generate the contract of sale, we manage the contract signing process to ensure the smooth and full execution of same in a timely manner.

Prepare the Board Application (Required by Coops and some Condos) Upon contract signing, we will assist the buyer in compiling documents necessary to complete the board application as well as suggest ways in which to enhance the buyer’s application. We, further, critically review the application prior to its submission and prepare the buyer for the board interview when necessary.

Manage the Closing We assist in coordinating the closing date, time and location with interested parties and conduct the final walk thru with the buyer immediately preceding the closing. Your FARE agent will convey any issues upon final inspection to all pertinent parties as well as assist in the smooth resolution of same, when possible.

Transaction Management Listing to closing, The FARE Group will coordinate and oversee the entire sales process: pricing, marketing, negotiations, contract signing, mortgage process, appraisal, property inspection, board application, board interview and closing. We will act as a liaison between managing agent, mortgage representative and attorneys while keeping in constant contact with you regarding all developments concerning the sale of your property.

Professional Recommendations When appropriate, we will recommend professionals whose services are essential to the success of your goal. These may range from attorneys to general contractors, interior designers, and stagers. It is very important that you make your selections based upon your professionals’ experience with performing similar transactions, and your FARE agent will only refer those professionals who suit your needs.

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