How We Market

The FARE Group considers all properties a priority. Every FARE client can expect to receive the same level of effective brokerage services regardless of their property’s size or value.

Pricing: Properties often have unique qualities that play a significant role in determining their market value. The FARE Group utilizes its extensive experience in providing property valuations to prospective sellers, investors, lenders and asset managers, coupled with its extensive data base of listings to calculate your property’s maximum value.

Pricing your property properly is a task that should not be taken lightly. By using a combination of data, instinct and good counsel, we will assist you in arriving at a price point that will keep your property fresh while continuing to stimulate the highest number of prospective buyers and competitive offers.

Spreading the Word: Your property will receive broad-based advertising that will include extensive coverage through our website, numerous third-party real estate websites and hundreds of broker websites participating in VOW and IDX, as well as various social networking platforms.  In addition, your property listing will be disseminated to thousands of agents throughout New York City and Westchester through our co-brokerage listing services.

Reaching the Right Buyer: Composing and distributing effective advertisements to reach the right audience guides our advertising goals.  We facilitate these goals through the following resources:

  • Staging/Showcasing : You will receive a consultation on how to showcase your property, including tips on modifications or repairs that may enhance appeal or be legally necessary to the sale.
  • Listing Services : The FARE Group supports the timely co-brokerage of all exclusive listings with thousands of NYS agents.
  • Internet Feeds: Every exclusive listing is disseminated to numerous third-party real estate websites including Realtor, Streeteasy, Trulia, and Zillow.
  • Social Networking: The FARE Group has a strong referral base obtained thru various personal and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This network allows The FARE Group to sell many of its exclusive listings “in house.
  • E-Blasts: Information on every new exclusive is sent to our co-brokerage community and potential customers.
  • Pictorial Flyers & Postcards: Every FARE exclusive is presented in an attractive and informative format. These materials are used as hand-outs and direct mailers to prospective customers.
  • Open Houses: Weekly open houses on all our exclusive listings are enthusiastically presented to, potential buyers or renters, as well as the brokerage community.

For more information on How We Will Market YOUR Property, contact a FARE Agent TODAY!