Purchasing a Condo in a New Development

If you are on the market for a Condo and are seriously considering purchasing in a new development, please read this article as it explains some of the pitfalls and additional costs associated with it.  Further, use our closing cost calculator to help you determine the additional costs in doing so. Please feel free to contact a FARE Agent for more information on this or any other questions you may have on the process!  We look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy.... http://nyti.ms/uelebi

Q & A: Coop Late Fees, Condo Workspace & Un-Sold Shares

Some quick Q & A's on the Coop board's recourse when it comes to late fees, guidelines in purchasing a Condo for professional use and a Coop Sponsor's rights in regards to unsold shares. Please feel free to leave your comments and/or questions. Enjoy! http://nyti.ms/uigZV2