Lower Westchester


Situated on the border of the Bronx, yet only 2 miles north from Manhattan, Yonkers is the closest point between these two boroughs. Home to the Hudson River Museum, the Phillipsburgh Performing Arts Center, and the Yonkers Raceway, amongst other attractions; it takes its name from the Dutch word for “Esquire,” Jonker. Home to a diverse collection of ethic groups, the housing styles are equally diverse, with Colonial, Victorian, mid-century ranch style homes interspersed with apartments and condominiums. Views of the Pallisades and the New York skyline add a touch of glamour, to this area, which has been called home by many notable artists and performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Jon Voight, and Mary J. Blige. Yonkers is 15 miles from New York City and 26 minutes away by train to Grand Central.